Amway E-9395, E-9396 Compact Water Filter Treatment System

Amway E-9395, E-9396 Compact Water Filter Treatment System

Amway has discontinued the Amway E-9395 Compact Water Treatment System using the E-9396 Water Filter.


We do offer Amway E-9396 Compatible Replacement Carbon Block Water Filters, Faucets and Parts for the E-9395 Compact System.


This filter should be changed every 6 to 9 months, depending on use and tap water condition. We recommend replacing the O-ring when you replace the filter to prevent leaks. Be sure to use the Dow Molykote 111 to lube the O-rings to get a proper seal. We also suggest washing the housing in soapy water and then soaking in a solution using the Pro Sanitizer listed below. Fully rinse and insert the replacement filter, new o-ring and you are finished.

Amway Compatible Cross Reference for:

Amway E-9395 Compact Water Treatment System - Amway E-9396 Compatible Replacement Water Filters, O-rings and Replacement Parts.

Amway E-82, E-9229, E-9397 Auxillary Faucet Kits and Amway EE 42 Auxiliary Faucet Tap Kit can be replaced with the diverter valve, faucet and tubing below.



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