Kemflo AICRO Water Filters

Kemflo AICRO Water Filters
Kemflo AICRO Compatible Replacement Water Filter Cartridges. Choose one from the list below. Be sure to order the correct connection size for the tube size of your system.
  1. OmniFilter R200 Refrigerator Icemaker Water Filter
    OmniFilter R200 Refrigerator Icemaker Replacement Water Filter
    The OmniFilter R200 Refrigerator and Icemaker Water Filter provides great tasting ice cubes and water through your refrigerator. The Omni Filter R200 is easy to install using quick connect fittings for use on 1/4 inch plastic tubing or copper pipe. This filter is also used on Omni RO2000 and RO2000-TDS water systems. This water filter reduces sediment, rust as well as reducing Chlorine. The OmniFilter R200 Series B Refrigerator Icemaker Water Filter is rated for •Micron Rating - 15 •Flow Rate - 0.5 Gallons per minute •Filter Life - 3,900 Gallons or 1 year •Dimensions - 1.5" x 10" This OmniFilter R200 Refrigerator Icemaker Water Filter meets NSF / ANSI standard 42 for the reduction of •Chlorine This product was known previously as model numbers R200-A-01 & R200-A-03 and is now known by model number R200-S6-05. Learn More
    $24.99 Special Price $13.99 As low as $11.99
* Kemflo ® is the registered trademark of Kemflo, the manufacturer of Kemflo ® brand water treatment equipment. The replacement filters and membranes listed above are not manufactured or endorsed by Kemflo. Rather, these filters and reverse osmosis membranes are manufactured by other companies. While these filters and ro membranes are compatible for use in Kemflo ® reverse osmosis systems and water treatment equipment, we make no representation as to whether using these filters and membranes is consistent with the warranty and specifications applicable to Kemflo ® water filter equipment. This includes compatible replacement water filters for replacement Carbon Block Water Filters, GAC Carbon Filters, AICRO Inline Post Filters, RO Reverse Osmosis Membranes, Sediment Pre Filters, faucets, water tanks, valves, pumps, UV Ultraviolet and water testing supplies.